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Both of the Balkon Residences' was salvaged from a 130 years old building in the Galata district. Even before the Ottoman Empire, this area was always the centre of art and trade and its artistic characteristics remains to this day. The building itselves lies on a dead-end street between Istanbul's landmark Galata Tower and the famous Sufi convent, Mevlevihane" .

They are two of four architecturally identical structures that were once constructed. The project was endorsed by four siblings and their families were the original inhabitants of the establishments. During renovation, special attention was paid to conserve the building's original architectural elements such as the distinctive wrought iron balcony railings of Galatian decor and the remarkable door which remains untouched.

In 2007, the renewal duration was initiated and finally after the necessary procedures were concluded, renovation began in 2010 and was completed in 2011 for the first building and named Balkon Residence I ,than the second one Balkon Residence II is completed in 2013 and opened for service.

The Balkon Residences’ are situated in the historical district of Galata and was originally constructed in the late 1800s. The buildings has since been renovated & refurbished in 2010 and 2013 and the first one has been open for stay as of April 2011.

Balkon Residences’ is located in the center of town. These residences is especially appealing to travellers and foreigners in Istanbul who appreciate the warm, friendly welcome of this establishment. Our professionally designed residences features the comfort of a modern, reliable, and well-equipped flat with the luxury of residing in two centuries of antiquity that flows through the building.

The Balkon Residences I and Balkon Residences II has been tailored to be ideal for long-term stays, but welcomes all guests regardless of the length of their stay. Each of our flats has a unique charm - elegant furnishings, refreshing use of light, colours and fabrics make the residences a sensual delight. Our uppermost flat features the ever-sought view of the Bosphorus – Istanbul’s iconic gap between the continents of Europe and Asia.

We look forward to being your host.

Galip Dede Caddesi, Balkon Cikmazi Sokak No 4 Galata / Beyoglu / Istanbul / Turkey
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Both Balkon Residences is situated on a historical Galata area, in one of dead-end street. Its just a few steps away from Galata Tower, Galata Mevlevihanesi and local designer’s boutigues, trendy clubs and cafes. it’s currently the place to be seen, to shop and to dine out.